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AppFluE Core Services

We offer an expertise able to support your company through products analysis, research and development.

Analysis of flow control devices

An experience of more than 10 years in this field.

Product development

Our mission is to analyse, improve and optimize your products and processes.

Innovative solutions

We develop new methods to evaluate the performances of your products.

Sizing Tools and Apps

It is important to manage in an easy and efficient way your data and projects.

We are AppFluE: Applied Fluid Engineering

AppFluE is an engineering company. The mission of the company is providing innovative solutions and tools to mechanical industry. AppFluE team is formed by experienced engineers who have worked with many valves manufacturers to study their devices through experimental campaigns and numerical models. Our work served to charactherize many hydraulic devices, to support and improve their design, to find solutions for critical applications and to optimize their funtioning for specific working conditions.

Our areas of expertise

Flow Control devices
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Research and Development

Why Work With Us

AppFluE team is an experienced group operating in applicated fluid engineering, able to study any fluid dynamics problem, analyze many hydraulic devices, such as control valves, pumps and turbines, and characterize them according to International Standards. Our analyses, conducted through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) methods and conceptual modelling, aim to understand the behavior of specific phenomena and predict their onset, evolution and effects. Our engineers are authors of several papers published in international Journals and presented in conferences. The topics of their research are:

Characterization of new devices.

Development of innovative numerical method to study cavitation phenomena.

Erosion in presence of multi-phase flows.

We design, develop and optimize your product.

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Featured Projects

Our field of expertise embraces flow control devices, green energy, data analysis and organization. Here are some our recent works:

Item Image

Globe Valves

Analysis Of A New Body
Item Image

Choke Valves

Study of cavitation for high pressure drops
Item Image

Globe Valves

Evaluation Of Erosion For Severe Applications
Item Image

Kitchen hood

Performance analysis of kitchen hood
Item Image


WebApp To Size And Calculate Control Devices
Item Image

Archimedean Screw

Hydropower Energy From River Current
Item Image

Butterfly Valves

Torque forces calculation
Item Image

Data Center cooling

Modeling of the cooling system in a Data Center

Our WebApp and Sizing Software

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Management Software

This software is developed to respond to support the hydraulic manufacturers. It is an integrated system of tools to manage each project in the best and fastest way.From the evaluation of the ideal products for the client, to the design and analysis of the solution provided. To customize the application with your own products - Call us

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Screw turbine selector

The software is a tool to obtain a preliminary evaluation of the exploitable energy from a Archimedean Screw, used as a hydroturbine. Introducing specific design parameters, this tool provides a complete analysis of the turbine's performance and the total energy produced.

Our Last Journals and Conference Papers

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